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Click the individual assignments for assignment descriptions, requirements, extra credit opportunities, and assignment directions. The course will adhere to St. Mary's University grading scale: Graduate Grading Policies.



Grading Scale:


Wednesday: All Flipgrid reflections for the week + Class + Active Participation Survey

Saturday: Flipgrid responses for the week + Twitter thread for the week.

Flipgrid: To get the most out of these assignments, I ask that you submit them by Wednesdays before class so your peers and I have time to listen, reflect, and respond. Responses to Flipgrid will be due on Fridays.

Twitter Assignments: Twitter assignments can be done at any time during the week, but must be complete by Friday evenings. Late assignments may not receive full credit.

Final project components: These may be submitted late but may not receive detailed feedback from me. The deadline for the final project submission December 5 is firm.

If you are struggling to keep up, I encourage you to reach out to talk. Graduate school can be a big transition, and it's easy to fall behind. Please reach out before this builds up so much that it will be hard to catch up.

Attendance Policy:

Fall 2021 is a weird time. Your health and your family's health are far more important than this class. I hope you'll be able to join us in class each week, but if you need to miss, I'll make all efforts to provide a recorded version of this course. If you do miss class, you'll be able to email me 3 take-aways from class after watching the recording. After you do this, you can still fill out your Active Participation Survey for the week. I will also connected our Meeting Owl so that you may join virtually if you are sick, quarantining, or just not comfortable coming to class. You may miss up to two classes without penalty. St. Mary's Fall 2021 Attendance Policy.

Honor Code

I take the university Honor Code very seriously, and I expect the same from you. Please make sure you are familiar with the guidelines regarding academic honesty, plagiarism, cheating, etc. The graded work you do in this class must be your own. In the case where you collaborate with other students make sure to fairly attribute their contribution to your project. Be sure to cite your sources to avoid issues of plagiarism and dishonesty. See me immediately if you have questions or doubts about what constitutes academic dishonesty, especially plagiarism. If an assignment is plagiarized in part or in full, the student receives a failing grade on that assignment and the incident will be reported to the Dean of the School of CAHSS.

Graduate Incomplete Policy:

An instructor may submit an IP or IC in lieu of a grade when a student has been unable to complete all of the assignments in a course, providing the student's work was otherwise satisfactory. An IP, given only for theses, practica, and internships, remains in effect until the work is completed. An IC is given for a regular course in which the work has not been completed. An IC which is not completed within six (6) months from the ending date of the semester may be assigned a grade, as appropriate. If no grade is assigned, the incomplete will remain on the transcript permanently as IC. As an exception the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences may extend the six-month period upon request of the Program Director. Generally, an extension for completion of an IC will not exceed six months. http://catalog.stmarytx.edu/graduate/academic-policies-regulations/grades/